Thursday, March 13, 2014

Beginning to get ready to commence to start


A whole new challenge is starting.

So I'm starting a whole new blog.

I could just include it in my main "Against the Wind" blog, which would be appropriate, since we'll be riding east to west, and often the first question people have is,

"But won't you be riding against the wind???"

No. Not particularly.

People who have done it say it's not bad. People who've gone west to east have often faced horrific headwinds. People who've gone either way have said crosswinds were worse than headwinds. Meterologists (and DIY weather buffs) say it's the winds aloft that flow west to east while the ground winds are variable.

So no. Not particularly. Probably. Having not done it yet, I can't say for sure. But probably not.

And I may still close this new blog out and copy everything to "Against the Wind."

I'm going with friends. So far, two: Donna and Wayne. We'd like more.

And my husband is going. He's not riding. He's driving our truck, pulling our camper (which is our full-time home.) He's going to haul the camping gear,  repair gear,  food, etc. So we won't have to load our bikes with gear, we can ride unencumbered road bikes carrying only what we need for a normal day-long ride.

Probably about 5 hours a day. We've set a ballpark goal of 60 miles a day, give or take depending on all sorts of variables.

I'm making lists. I started a list of regular foods and I'll start another of bike-gear extras. I guess I'll put these in my other auxiliary blog, "Ellie's List of Lists." Although actually, my tried-and-true vehicle for lists is a notebook and pencil. Don't tell anyone. I don't want to look not-savvy.

This doesn't feel nearly as hard as planning for my AT hikes. Maybe because I have the experience of having done those. Maybe because we'll be living in our camper and I've been doing that for 10 years.

So here we go! If I've started a blog about it, I must be really planning on doing it!